Our Company provides advertising services via www.greeceladies.com in compliance with the provisions of the laws applicable.  Access to and use of this website by any visitor, whether or not subscribed, is governed by the website terms of use and operation.  Before accessing, browsing or using the website ‘www.greeceladies.com’ in any manner whatsoever (indicatively: subscription, browsing), visitors or users explicitly, expressly and unconditionally assert that they agree to the website terms of use and operation (hereinafter “the terms”) and any other term that meets the conditions of the law and may be posted on this website, in addition to these terms.  The provisions applicable to these terms also apply to any other term that meets the conditions of the law and may be posted on this website, in addition to these terms.  Access to and use of this website are available only on condition that you unconditionally agree to all the aforesaid terms. Agreement to the aforesaid terms is irrefutably presumed given that the said terms are in a prominent place and access to such terms is offered by way of indication, in accordance with principles of honest business practices.  By subscribing to this website, you automatically agree unconditionally to the terms of use and operation of this website.  Please read carefully and comply with the following terms and all other terms, as indicated above, before you proceed with any form of action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website.
The Company reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without notice the terms of use and operation of this website at its sole discretion, in the context of the law applicable. New terms, or modification or repeal of existing terms come into effect once posted on this website.  Visitors/users should from time to time check whether these terms have been modified. The requirements of the law for informing users of any changes/modifications to the terms are met once such terms are posted on this website or any web page thereof.  The use of this website and its services means and confirms that users agree to the existing terms, as currently in applicable and as amended, altered and repealed by the Company.  Should any of the terms (of website use and operation) become invalid, all other terms shall remain in full force.  In the event that you disagree with the terms (of website use and operation), please refrain from any action, interaction, access and use of this website.  The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue the operation of this website for maintenance, improvement purposes, etc., at any time and without notice, subject to the rights of users and third parties arising from the law or a contract with the Company.
All the terms (of website use and operation) are deemed to be material.  Infringement of any of these terms, in any manner whatsoever, by visitors/users shall result in the sanctions laid down by the laws applicable and users shall be liable to remedy any damage caused to the Company or any third party by such infringement which is contrary to the terms hereunder. In the event of infringement of these terms, the Company may ban the user’s access to the website and the services provided, delete the user’s account and information on the website without notice, and exercise all its rights under the law.  Failure of the Company to exercise any of its rights under these terms or under the law, shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights.  Posting of the website terms of use and operation and the contents thereof, does not create any liability on the part of the Company other than the liability laid down by the law.
In addition to the users’ liability and obligations described in the terms of use, operation, etc., visitors – users also have the following obligations: users are obliged to act under the Greek law, including the generally accepted rules of International Law and the International Conventions which, from the date of their ratification by law and entry into force in accordance with the provisions thereof, form integral part of the domestic law and prevail over all other legal provisions which are contrary to such rules (article 28, par. 1 of the 1975 / 1986 / 2001 Constitution).  Users should also respect and abide by all the E. U. or International laws applicable to the use of this website and the services provided, and should exercise their rights in the context of good faith, honest business practices and the social and economic aims of such rights (article 281 of the Civil Code).

The Company hereby declares that this website is exclusively for adults in accordance with the Law of each user’s place of domicile (Greece: a person is considered an adult when he/she is 18 years of age or older).  This website is in no way associated with any form of relationship (e.g. employment, mandate, retainment, by way indication and not by way of limitation) and, therefore, the Company assumes no liability whatsoever for the opinions of its subscribers in public fora, the reviews, or personal messages, with regard to the content of any links and/or the accuracy/correctness of any data/facts mentioned.
The Company does not sell, offer for rental or in any other manner make available the users’ e-mail addresses to any third party.  This website is in no way associated with any form of relationship (e.g. employment, mandate, retainment, partnership, franchise, by way indication and not by way of limitation) and, therefore, the Company DOES NOT assume any liability for the content of advertisements and the accuracy of such contents, and/or the quality and the charges of products and services of the parties advertised.  No part of the content of the website visited by users – visitors is, or may be considered to be, under any circumstances, directly or indirectly, solicitation, guidance, advice or encouragement for any act or omission.  In contrast, it is up to the visitors’/users’ sole discretion to act based on their own free will and their personal assessment, the Company assuming no liability whatsoever.
Pursuant to the law applicable, defamation is prohibited.  No allegations or dissemination of false facts may be made with respect to a party, in any manner whatsoever, in the presence of a third party, which may damage such party’s reputation and good name. Readers who discover defamatory information concerning their persons should contact the Company and request the removal of such information/comment posted on its website, or, in the capacity of subscriber, report the information/comment at issue.  In general, if, when browsing the website, you discover infringement of the law applicable, you are kindly requested to notify the Company.
Access to the website ‘www.greeceladies.com’ with the use of personal passwords - designated by a subscriber at the time of subscription - constitutes proof of the identity of the party accessing the website, in the sense that the use of such passwords is considered to have been made, in any case, by the subscriber to whom such passwords correspond. Thus, all activities after the user’s access and during the time the user is browsing the website, bind solely the password owner.  Therefore, subscribers are solely responsible for the security of their passwords and are liable for any damage that may be sustained by the Company, themselves or any third party due to the unauthorised use of such passwords.  For those reasons, subscribers should not disclose their passwords to any third party and, after browsing, should log out, in particular in cases when they have accessed this website through a third party’s computer or their personal computer can be accessed by third parties.  In any case, subscribers are advised to notify the Company for any loss, leak, theft and/or illegal use of their passwords by a person not authorised by such subscribers, so that the Company can assist in the recovery/change of the passwords and the protection of the subscribers and their personal data.
Our Company does not assume any liability for any damage whatsoever to our users’ hardware, software and data, nor any other damage sustained by a user or a third party due to the risks described above, provided our Company fulfils its lawful obligations with respect to precautionary and security measures and measures for the prevention of faults.
The Company thoroughly checks the information provided to its visitors in accordance with the provisions of the law. However, we cannot exclude human error, network malfunction or malfunctioning of the Company’s computer systems.
Our Company does not assume any liability for the contents of websites to which our visitors are referred by hyperlinks, frames, etc. which are legitimately posted on this website.

All works posted on this website (www.greeceladies.com) in the form of, indicatively, text, image, design, photograph, graphics and logos, computer animation, software, database, musical and audio-visual extracts, advertising spots and slogans - which are protected by Law 2121/1993 - are the Company’s intellectual property, subject to the Copyright of third-party beneficiaries, and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law.  Our Company is the Copyright owner of this website and all the web pages it consists of, which are independently protected as original works of visual design and applied arts, and as collections of works in accordance with the specific provisions of the law (art. 2 of Law 2121/1993).  Original ownership rights are acquired without formalities.  Furthermore, the web pages of this website are also protected as databases, provided they have the characteristics of a database.   The recording, reproduction - whether direct or indirect, temporary or permanent - of all the works indicated in the previous paragraph in any form and by any means, in whole or in part, and the creation of permanent or temporary copies thereof are hereby prohibited (subject to the provisions of article 28B of Law 2121/1993). In addition, reproduction by means of downloading and storing in the visitor’s – user’s computer is hereby prohibited.  The following acts are also prohibited: translation, adaptation or adjustment or any other alteration, distribution to the public in any form either through sale or otherwise, rental and public lending, public performance, transmission or retransmission to the public via the radio or television, via electromagnetic waves or cables or other tangible carriers or in any other form, by land networks or satellites, performance to the public through cable or wireless systems or in any other form, importation of copies produced abroad without the author’s consent, or, where copies are imported from E.U. countries, if the author has retained the right of importation to Greece under contract. Furthermore, the following acts are prohibited: distortion of any nature, truncation or other modification of the works as well as the author’s offence due to the conditions of communication of the works.
In particular, with regard to the databases of this website, the following acts are prohibited: temporary or permanent reproduction by any means or in any form, in whole or in part; translation, adaptation, arrangement and any other alterations, any form of distribution to the public of the databases or copies thereof; communication, display or performance to the public, any form of reproduction, distribution, communication, display or performance to the public of the results of the acts of translating, adapting, arranging and altering.
The databases of this website are further protected (without prejudice to such databases or the content thereof being protected by the provisions on copyright or other provisions) by the sui generis right of the database maker pursuant to the specific requirements and restrictions of the law (article 45A of Law 2121/1993). Extraction and/or re-utilisation of the whole or substantial part, evaluated qualitatively and/or quantitatively, of the contents of the database is prohibited.  ‘Extraction’ means the permanent or temporary transfer of all or a substantial part of the contents of the database to another tangible medium by any means or in any form.
Pursuant to the provisions of the law applicable, the content of this website is protected against Industrial Property infringement, which belongs to our Company, subject to the rights of third parties.
Derogation from the restrictions specified in this clause on the protection of the Intellectual Property related to this website may be permitted only upon our Company’s written permission, or the copyright beneficiary’s permission, or under contract between our Company or the beneficiary and a third party.  Legitimate browsing of the web pages of this website and use of the services provided, in full compliance with the terms of use and operation thereof and with the provisions of the law applicable, does not infringe the Company’s copyright in the website and its content.
All the hyperlinks in this website, of any form, such as (indicatively) advertising banners, reference links to the web pages of courier companies and links to secure applications for the payment of credit cards, as well as frames, meet the provisions of the law and are posted with the consent of the owners-beneficiaries of the reference websites.

Cookies are small pieces of text files permissibly and automatically stored on a user’s computer while such user is browsing.  Cookies are sent by the user’s web browser to the user’s terminal equipment when the user visits a website for the first time and follow a reverse course during the user’s next visits.  Cookies from this website help identify the user and assist us in enhancing the website services, for example, by providing personalised services.  The collection of personal information and data, which is harmless to the user and does not, under any circumstances, divulge the user’s identity, helps us to make the operation of our website faster and more efficient based on statistical evaluations and comparisons, enables us to execute the user’s orders faster and, in general, helps us to optimise the services of this website.  Storage of the cookies is permitted upon the user’s prior consent, which may be given through the browser or another application for the purposes of carrying out the transmission of a communication or the provision of a service explicitly requested by the user (article 4, sub-paragraph 5 of Law 3471/2006).  Use of cookies for advertising purposes is made in the context of the law applicable.  Users may, at any time, delete the Cookies from their terminal equipment.

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